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Eastern Market Art Prints

visuals of flower day in Art

Eastern Market Posters & Eastern Market Art is an inspirational journey that capture years of special moments during Flower Day events. Presenting this experience in a form of colorful art print visuals can extend the market into your homes.

Being a 55 year patriot of the Eastern Market, this art is created from my age old passion to capture the true spirit of the market, beginning at SHED 2 northward to SHED 6. This is my humble hope to enrich the visitors experience and art lovers, to this one-of-a-kind Detroit treasure.

Eastern Market Art Prints—Capturing the Historic Spirit. These art prints are created as a tribute to the Detroit Farmer's Market. Their purpose is to transfer the ambiance of the market to your home, to raise the level of appreciation and value of the rich history of this century-time-old market place, hence the birth of the… “Spirit of Eastern Market Detroit” Art Series.